Why forms? Everyone uses email.

Several parents suggested that I get more help (with administrative work). So I’m trying to create better systems where I can get help.

For example, with tournaments, I can have people help me prepare for tournaments by reviewing the online entries.

This can only be done with forms… it’s harder to do with emails.

If I have someone helping me with forms, it is very important that parents use the forms. For example: if you withdraw from a tournament without using the form.. the message might get lost. I might have someone else helping me with pre-entries.

Overall, the forms are a very important part of how Panda Chess Academy operates. 

The tough part about this job is I have to sometimes treat it like a business. So it seems weird.. since I will know the family well but I will have to ask they do what any “customer” does (such as fill out the form). Sometimes I ask parents to do this, yet I’ve been teaching their kids for 7 years. But it really helps me stay organized. It also gives me a centralized way for me to find all of the contact information.