What are your hours of operation?

On Fridays we open the doors for players at 5:45pm.

On Saturdays our doors open at 3:45pm. 

Almost all of our players show up only a couple minutes before round time (6:30pm on Friday and 4:30pm on Saturday). First time players show up a bit earlier if they have questions.

Please note that we have a staff that usually includes 1 tournament director and 1 or 2 assistants. We are usually extremely busy until after the first round starts. So if you have any questions for staff, please hold them until about 6:40pm on Friday and 4:40pm. One of our biggest goals is to start precisely on time to give the kids a consistent experience. 

If you are running late to a tournament, please give us a call, send a quick email or text message, just so we know that your child is actually coming. 

It helps us out greatly if you email your questions ahead of time. We just can't talk at great length during the tournament, because our primary focus is to monitor the games of the players. 

The best phone number to call is (281) 940-8199. 

The best email address to contact is info@chessspanda.com