How can a young player get involved in his or her first tournament?

 We have tournaments every Saturday at 4:30pm that are very good for beginners or those with only a little tournament experience. 

1) Use the Registration Form. This is the form we need so we have all required info such as contact, medical information, etc. 

2) Use the Online Entry Form. This is a very short form that tells us to pair your child for the upcoming tournament. We can usually look up current United States Chess Federation members via first and last name, but you can also list the child's USCF number in the comments area. This is helpful if the player has a common name. You will receive an automatic email confirmation. If this is your first tournament we will try to get in touch with you via email again just to help with any questions. 

3) Show up to your first tournament around 4:15pm. Bring the $15 entry fee. Cash and exact change is preferable. If you enjoy the tournament and wish to pay the semester membership price instead, we can apply the $15 entry fee towards the membership price and we can prorate the fee if you join mid-semester. We can collect the membership fee after the tournament. 

We rate the tournaments through the USCF. Visit the Tournament Results link at the bottom of for info about looking up information and results for the player.