What should parents do during the tournament? Can parents help?

We ask that parents and family members wait in the hallway so we can space things out for our players, but also to avoid any type of distraction or conflicts. Parents are welcome to come in to quickly visit but for the most part we ask them to stay in the hallways. We regularly have a staff to escort the players to their parents in the hallway. 

We do appreciate parents reminding each other to keep the hallway quiet for our neighbors. 

Some parents are experienced players and tournament directors and they wish to offer their services. We try to avoid having parents tournament direct if their child is playing in the tournament, however for larger events we may ask a parent to help out with a section that their child is not playing in. 

We have wifi available for the parents convenience. For members: We recommend that you enter the upcoming tournament (a week ahead of time) while you are here, and if you have to change plans, you can withdraw later.